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Domo Lamp

Joe Colombo, 1965

Libreria Pensile

A & PG Castiglioni, 1957

About Karakter

Karakter is a Danish design brand specialising in the production of furniture, lighting, and interior objects. We seek out designs that are out of the ordinary—from designers who have already written the history of design to those who aspire to write the future. All the designers presented by Karakter Copenhagen are handpicked for their ideas and creativity and shared by all of them is an inspiring level of productivity and an uncompromising take on their work. Something that is also fundamental for Karakter and our design choices.

If we had to choose between xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx we would most definitely go for xxxxxxxx. You must be risky and adventurous on your choices in life. xxxxxxxx is is a great example on that. Otherwise it’s just like buying a xxxxxxxx and never taking it above 100 km/hour. And nothing good can come of that. For some reason we’re often asked on our opinion on xxxxxxxx. People must put us in the same kind of category. Which is a huge compliment.

*All brand names are deleted due to intellectual property rights. Those, we take very seriously.