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Domo Lamp

Joe Colombo, 1965

Libreria Pensile

A & PG Castiglioni, 1957

Bowl No. 1

PlueerSmitt, 2014

Symbiotic shapes. Bowl No1 consists of two shapes. On top, a ceramic dome with an added rectangular shape to give the dome a direction, and hint to its actual function as a lid. Underneath the lid is a small bowl that serves as storage for treasures—or things you want covered. PlueerSmitt created an intriguing symbiosis where one shape becomes the other shapes handle.


Dominic Plueer and Olivier Smitt are Swiss born desiners. They aim to offer something lasting, physically as well as mentally, as a contrast to a society which is sometimes more driven by consumption and replacement. In most of their work they interpret their own observations of already excisting products.

Product type:



Ø: 20,7cm
H: 10,5cm




Black glaze