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Domo Lamp

Joe Colombo, 1965

Libreria Pensile

A & PG Castiglioni, 1957

Chair 300

Joe Colombo, 1965

Joe Colombo believed in democratic and functional design. His fascination with functionality meant he always focused on the user, which lead him to create a chair, which was strong, comfortable, and characteristic. The Chair 300.

A vast collection of leathers from Sørensen Leather and textiles from Kvadrat can be used for Chair 300 in combination with all three frame finishes. 3rd party leathers/textiles can also be applied on request.

Joe Colombo

Believed in democratic and functional design. Flexible and convertible furniture meant to be used in many different ways—all for the benefit of the user. He experimented with new materials and the latest technologies and designed futuristic “machines for living”, many of which have become icons for a new way of living.

Product type:

Dining chair


H: 81cm
W: 48cm
D: 52cm
Seat H: 45cm


Solid oak with leather, textile, nubuck or mohair seat & backrest


Frames in black lacquered oak, smoked oak or soaped oak